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Tears of a Stranger

I originally started writing this story about a week ago, but I did not finish it. I decided now would be the time to finish it, as I have thought about it quite a bit since then. It is a story about a small encounter I had whilst in town for breakfast.

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Christmas Memories

Christmas is a time of joy, a time of giving, a time of love. For most people, it is a great time of year because they can just settle down from busy lives to celebrate with their family and friends. For me, it is still a joyous time, but it is also one of memories, good and bad.

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A Secret Revealed

After I started sharing my story, there were two people who I just could not bring myself to showing. I respect and love them both, and really wanted to show them, but the thought of bringing them to tears because of it was just too much for me to bear. Today, one of those two found this blog, and gave me a call about it.

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Apocalypse Now

In my Government and Economics class, we are watching a film called Apocalypse Now. We’ve been watching bits and pieces of it over the past several weeks, and have almost finished the film. Today, we watched another segment of it, and today I wept because of it.

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Sometimes…the Words Just Don’t Come Out

About a week ago my brother and I went to town to do shopping for Thanksgiving. We stopped by Wal-Mart to get most of the groceries, but we needed to stop by a specific Oriental store to buy some of the Asian ingredients. While we were there we collected everything we needed and while we were checking out, something happened that I was not expecting nor was prepared for.

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The Long and Winding Road

This is a sad story, and a true story. If you are the type of person that does not like to read sad stories, then I’d strongly advise you to not continue reading, thank you.

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