Are you in a Pickel?

“Are you in a Pickel?” is a blog that was made by, well, Pickel

The blog is dedicated to all mothers in need who reach out for it. Each month a touching story of a mother in need is posted, and they are always looking for willing hands to help the mothers. I was contacted by the makers of the blog because they read my story, and were touched by my love for my own mother. I too was touched, because such a great foundation read my story. I would like to help their blog in at least a small way, so here I am announcing it to all who have read my blog, and have not seen theirs. If you would like to see it, you can access it via my Blogroll, or via this link. If you have the spare time, please do look, and even better, if you can, please donate, or give whatever hand you can to help.


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