More than Child’s Play

I was speaking with a friend not too long ago about my mom. While we were talking I shared one of my favorite quotes with her, and it made me think about where I got the quote from…

Before I show the quote, I’ll explain what it is from. The quote is from something most people wouldn’t think would relate to somebody in pain from a death. The quote is from something most people only think of as child’s play, or simple entertainment. The quote, is from a comic book. Yes, the type of book many people don’t even consider serious literature. The type that contains pictures, and words contained in bubbles. I am here to honestly say, that I believe a comic can be serious literature, that it can be more than child’s play, that it can indeed relate to a person who is filled with the sorrows of death.

The comic that contains the quotes is a miniseries titled “Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America”. For those not familiar with comics, I’ll explain the gist of the series. There is a super hero known as Captain America, to most, he is considered one of the greatest heroes ever, however, he was recently killed protecting an innocent life. The seriess revolves around how his death is affecting other heroes’ lives. This is of course, an extremely bare bones summary, but I cannot dive too much into it.

Instead of simply sharing the quotes, I am going to show the actual clips that contain the quotes. This way, I can show the quote in its original state, and show how serious the comic is. The characters in the clips I’m about to show belong to Marvel, and are called Wolverine and Spiderman. I am quite certain that most people will know who they are.

At the beginning, Spiderman is at the cemetery which contains his Uncle’s grave asking what he should do. While he is there, he gets into a small brawl with a villain after a small misunderstanding, all while having a flashback of a time Captain America saved his life in the past. After he knocked out the villain, Wolverine came from the shadows and Spiderman ran, not wanting to listen to what he had to say. Wolverine followed him to a bridge, and made up a small story to try and boost his spirits, however, Spiderman knew it was just a fabrication.

Read the bubble on the right, then the bubble on the left.

Wolverine decided to give his true thoughts after Spiderman’s small outburst.

Spiderman asked when the pain would go away. Wolverine simply told him that he already knew the answer to the question, then he said what I believe to be the greatest statement in the entire series.

This section of the comic goes a little longer, with Spiderman asking “Someday…?” and Wolverine responding “Best you can hope for…”. It ends with Spiderman swinging away, simply saying “Someday.” to himself.

I do not know why I decided to share this, though I’m glad I did. I think, deep down, I just wanted to show others why I respect this comic so. Whatever the reason, I have shared it, and I thank you for reading.


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