Tears of a Stranger

I originally started writing this story about a week ago, but I did not finish it. I decided now would be the time to finish it, as I have thought about it quite a bit since then. It is a story about a small encounter I had whilst in town for breakfast.

I woke up early today, and decided I would go into town to have some breakfast before heading to school. Because of how early it was, there were not many places open for breakfast, so I ended up simply eating at a Burger King. When I first arrived, I did not notice it at first, but I had left my headlights on my truck on, so they drained the battery while I was inside. Apparently my battery was somehow just  enough to start my truck, but so low that it died from my headlights while I was there.

I ordered and payed for my food, then sat to eat while watching the news on their TVs. It was an uneventful morning, I finished my food and left for school, at least, that’s what I wanted to do. When I tried to start my truck, I discovered that the battery was dead. I panicked a bit, since I knew I would end up late to school because of it, and decided to go inside to see if any of the staff could help me with my truck. All of the staff was in the back when I went in, but there was another person there for breakfast whom I did not notice at first. It was a woman I had never met, though I needed help badly, so I asked her if I could sit, and explain my small situation. After listening a bit, she told me she didn’t have any jumper cables we could use to jump-start my truck, but she could call her father to bring her some. I thanked her for her offer, and sat with her while we waited for her father.

She was an interesting person, her name was Amy, she was 19 years old, and was  very pretty, though I didn’t say it to her face since most women don’t want to hear that from somebody they do not know, regardless of it being a compliment. We spoke while we waited, I told her about my school, and she reminisced about being in school the year before. I’m not entirely sure why, perhaps because of my desire to share it, I asked her if she would like to read a story I had written. The story of course, was The Long and Winding Road and, at first, she seemed a little surprised at the audacity of a complete stranger to ask the question. She took a small drink from her cup, and said she would enjoy reading it. I told her what it was, why I had written it, why I had asked a person I had never previously met to read it, and more while I pulled the story from my wallet. It didn’t take her long to read it, and when she finished she was crying. She told me it was a great story, and thanked me even more for letting her read it. Because I can’t stand to see a person cry alone, I gave her a small friendly hug. At first I was afraid that she would be more offended than anything, but she seemed to appreciate the hug, and even thanked me for it. She wiped her tears and we continued to wait for her father, I told her she could keep the copy of the story.

Another hour passed, and her father finally arrived with the jumper cables. He started my truck, and was on his way almost immediately after. I thanked Amy for calling her dad, and was delighted at possibly having a new friend. She thanked me for sharing the story, and with that, I left for home. I did not go to school that day, as it already had become too late and at that point, going would be pointless, so I simply charged my truck’s battery, and went about that day as I would have normally.

I am still grateful that she helped me, and I am glad that I could share my story with somebody I have never met. I doubt I’ll ever see her again, but hey, life is full of surprises, so I could be very wrong. Thank you for reading.


1 Response to “Tears of a Stranger”

  1. 1 Erin January 21, 2010 at 10:26 PM

    I have told you, over the past several years, what a strong individual you are and what an awesome man you are becoming. I admire the strength and courage you show through your actions and know that I am not alone. I am here for you, everyday if you need me. I love you and take care!

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