A Secret Revealed

After I started sharing my story, there were two people who I just could not bring myself to showing. I respect and love them both, and really wanted to show them, but the thought of bringing them to tears because of it was just too much for me to bear. Today, one of those two found this blog, and gave me a call about it.

The two people I am referring to, the ones I love enough to not be able to show them the story, are my father and brother. Today my father found the story, and called me about it. I was very surprised at first, to hear that he had found it, and wondered how he did such. He told me that he was looking up a name, for some reason it already slips my mind, and just thought of looking up my mom’s name. Of course, this blog is one of the search results he had found. We spoke to each other about it for a while, during two separate calls because he had to hang up during the conversation for reasons I don’t know. He started telling me how impressed and proud he was that I wrote the story, and continuously asked if I had ever thought of being a journalist, to which I replied “no”. Then we spoke a while about telling others of her death, and how hard it is when they don’t already know, and spoke of other various things as well. Near the end of the call, he sounded as if he was about to cry and was trying not to. I don’t blame him, as I was feeling that way as well.

Something interesting I found out though, is that he did not even know about the class at the camp until he read the story. It turns out that while he was speaking to the camp’s owner, he simply mentioned my mother passing away, and she decided to sign me up for the class. I was already very grateful for the class because if I never took it, I may have never started sharing my story, but now, I am even more grateful because of the owner’s kindness to sign me up for it.

I am glad that he found the story, and glad that he told me about it. I hope that my brother can find it as well, because I still don’t think I’ll be able to bring myself to show him any time soon. Maybe my dad will show him, maybe he won’t, all I know is that I hope someday he can see it.


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